Home of a Monster

Home of a Monster

It's incredibly late. A cold wind howls, whipping through his hair. How many times had she told him to be home AT dark. Not after dark, and definitely not an hour after. He could hear her voice echoing through his head, her worry passed onto him as anger. It wasn't her fault. He knew how often he didn't listen to her. How often he'd return well past when she was comfortable. But he was older now! How come she couldn't see that? How come she couldn't trust him a little more.

A thundering roar shakes the earth around him, snapping him from his thoughts. It was fairly distant, but extremely loud. And terrifying. Another roar, this time accompanied by what must have been a demon breathing it's first breath on planet earth. He stopped dead in his tracks, eyes searching for any hint of where the sound had come from. But there was nothing. Silence had fallen over the neighborhood once again. Slowly, softly, he began walking. As if his foot steps would attract a creature from another dimension, sure to rip him to shreds in an instant. There was no telling how late he was now. Time had lost meaning in those moments of fear. His pace continued to pick up, gaining speed until he reached a sort of half jog, half run. His breathing grew more ragged with each step. He pressed on, warily passing every house. Attempting to stifle the thought that whatever was roaring before, was behind him now.

Peering over his shoulder. Reaching out...

Then he saw it.

Two houses down, on the left side of the road. A sudden, brief flash of light. He froze. A creeping mist seemed to emanate from the side yard, just out of view. A soft red glow illuminated the house next door. Strange noises echo from behind the home. Clashing, banging sounds. Almost metallic. And rocks, crunching under the weight of something. 

The boys skin resembles the pallor of a corpse. He moves at a snails pace now. Inching slowly towards the noises. Ignoring every instinct. Every shimmering red flag. Or was that just the color now shining even brighter behind the home. Suddenly, a yell. Human. Immediately followed by the loudest sound he'd ever known. With a strange, lurching growl, something came to life that can only be described as Otherworldly. Roaring with wild power, defiant. Impossible to contain.

The boy had seen quite enough.

As he turned to run as fast as his legs would allow, the brightest light he'd ever seen pierced his dim world; flooding the whole road. With a howl that even surprised the boy, he whipped around and sprinted, disappearing into the night.


He blasts through his front door, barreling straight into his mother.

Where have you been! She shouts, but she can immediately see something is wrong. My darling, where were you! I was so worried.

The boy is shaking noticeably, partially from the cold but she can tell its more than that. He looks.. disturbed.

Sweetie, what happened?

He can't seem to form the words. His foot taps with an anxious fervor, and after a moment he sputters out

I saw it.

She leans in with curiosity

I saw it Mom. It was born

Stunned, confused, but engrossed, she asks softly

What was born?

Trembling in fear, arms pressed tightly against his sides, hands clenched into tight fists, the boy finally speaks, just above a whisper

"A Monster"

"A Monster"