My name is Tyler, but many call me Dutch. I am an artist and a thinker. Trying to solve the worlds problems by sharing my own. Through my pictures, I attempt to express my feelings. To share in a meaningful way what I have learned.

I realized, at some point, that my memory is spotty. It's hard for me to recall certain events or days of my life, some of which are incredibly important. In that realization I found my passion for taking photos. To, in essence, halt a memory in its tracks. Because looking back at just one photo reminds me of that moment, that day, that trip. The pungent nostalgia of a better time gone. I live for those moments, both while living them and when remembering them later on.

The world has always been on my shoulders. I've made it my goal to make a difference, even if its a small difference in the life of one person at a time. I aim to inspire a change. I live a life worth living. And I strive to create incredible memories along the way.

横浜日本で撮影2017、債権: Amanda Trefethen

“You dont need an expedition to find adventure, you dont need a thousand miles to find something meaningful.”