My Collection

My photos are meant to move you. They are meant to take you back to that very minute, whether you lived it or not, and show you what it felt like. For better or for worse, bringing with it all of the joy and pain that memories do. Like an old voicemail or a home movie. A Birthday card from grandma, forgotten in a drawer. A note passed by an old friend. That's what I do. That's what I want to do for you. Give future you something to remember.

Average photos are nice, the cheesy smiles while you stand in a line. Good for the Christmas card, good to throw on facebook. They'll bring back memories of a nice haircut or a bad pimple. But I'd rather do something unique. I'd rather catch you in your element, doing what it seems you do every day. You live it, but don't see it.

I'll gladly take those photos for you. I'll give you the perfect photos of your family, of your significant other, of your pets, your hobby, your life. I've gotten good at that, but it does not satisfy my hunger to give you something to look back on. You deserve those film photos of a day you forgot existed. Those tender moments with your child. The things nobody would ever get. That's my specialty. That's why I'm here.